An Incredible Billionaire Income Secret… For Non-Billionaires

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I want to show you a surprising statistic. It’s nothing tricky or complicated. In fact, it’s really simple and straightforward.

My long-time readers know that I’m always on the lookout for “secrets of the pros.” I love to look at the wealth rich people have accumulated, and figure out how they did it.

So a few months ago, I dug into Forbes’ list of the 400 wealthiest people on Earth. I wanted to see if anything jumped out… if there were any patterns.

Sure enough, there were. I found something that I think applies to every single one of us. It’s something that could help any investor — no matter their age or income level — earn a significant amount of money in the stock market.

What I found was this… Approximately one-third of the people on Forbes’ top 400 list all made their money due in large part to one simple secret.

I’m talking about people like Donald Trump. Sure, the eccentric New Yorker made his billions in real estate. But as I looked into his fortune, he made it largely because of this important wealth secret.

Now he’s rich enough that he can buy pretty much anything he wants. He lives in a 30,000-square-foot Manhattan penthouse. It features a diamond and gold-covered front door, gold faucets, and a spiral gold staircase.Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) co-founder Paul Allen is the same way. He rarely talks about it, but he used the same secret as Trump. Without it, he probably wouldn’t own an island in the Puget Sound. Or a yacht equipped with two submarines, two helicopters, a swimming pool and a basketball court.

Bill Gates… Jack Welch… Sergey Brin… all of them and many more can trace their fortunes back to one simple wealth secret.

The amazing thing is, as I looked into it more and more, I found out that many other wealthy people who aren’t on the list also made their fortunes using this secret.

But here’s the really good news…

It sounds crazy, but thanks to a small group of stocks that didn’t even exist until recently, it’s possible for you, me and anyone else to get in on this wealth secret too.

It’s all thanks to a group of 17 stocks unlike any other. Because of the unusual circumstances surrounding their founding, they share the same wealth secret as many of the world’s richest people.

And they are using it to their advantage. Just look at their performance over the past decade…

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