An Exclusive Interview with The Third Millennium Woman – Maria Jones

Blockchain technology has been on the rise these past few years. As more and more governments and agencies are waking up to the advantages of using blockchain in in daily use, the importance of blockchain technology as a safe method of storing more than just money is becoming apparent. As much as the industry is difficult, it is even more so when the individual is a woman. Maria Jones, Former Vice President of Cointelegraph media group and Founder of The Third Millennium Woman, shares her journey to the top.

Maria Jones

Tell us a bit about the THIRD MILENNIUM WOMAN

The Third Millennium Woman is simply a premier global online community that I built. I envisioned a safe, nurturing space where ambitious women like me could get together and work on their ideas. We support such dreams through this medium and wish to turn these dreams into reality so that all women can become self-reliant if they want to.

How about your career in blockchain?

I learned a lot there and contributed too. In a way, it gave me the courage to take risks and do my own thing. I did a lot of interviews for Cointelegraph which is one of the biggest firms to do coverage of blockchain, blockchain technology, digital currency, and related areas. I even attended more than 10 intercontinental conferences every year and have been a guest speaker on various global platforms. Without blockchain, my life would have been different.

What advice would you give to your fellow women?

Keep learning, love yourself, and build lasting, empowering relationships. Half of the job is just showing up and being consistent and be everywhere! I came to the United States without a penny in my pocket. I was teaching dance lessons for a living while I finished my education. Now, I build careers for other women.

What does the future hold?

I have a few plans. I have a huge social media presence with 60 thousand followers on Facebook, 600 thousand on Instagram and over four thousand on Twitter. I get a lot of calls and I am told I inspire a lot of people, so I want to continue doing that. I want to use my skills to bring gender balance to blockchain, and develop The Third Millennium Woman from an Instagram page to an app.