An Exclusive Interview with Shiner Marketing CEO, Garrett Shiner

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle to elevate their brand on their own. That’s where professional help comes in handy. Social media marketing companies like WebFX, Firebelly Marketing, and Shiner Marketing use digital interfaces to promote your brand. Here to share some little known facts about social media marketing is Shiner Marketing CEO Garrett Shiner.

Garrett Shiner

Garrett, how do you grow a brand quickly using platforms like Instagram or Facebook?

Promoting a personal brand is a lot like telling someone a story. You need to get them to buy into the concept that you’re promoting. This means continually posting relevant content on your platform. Have a posting schedule and understand what times of the day are good for posting. This way, your followers won’t forget that you’re there. Also, create shareable content. Creating engaging and meaningful content is essential. 


Is website management important if you have a good social media presence?

That’s a great question. I see many people either focus too much on their website or too much on their social media presence. I firmly believe that you need equal amounts of both. Your social media pages will grow your brand better than your website. But if your website is hard to use or inaccessible, you will lose most of those potential sales. Several companies forget to pay appropriate attention to one or the other–don’t fall into that trap.


‘SEO’ has become a popular buzzword in marketing. What does it mean and how can businesses use it to their advantage?

Basic knowledge of SEO is critical for anyone delving into digital marketing. It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to Google’s search algorithm. When you search a phrase on the internet, Google orders its results for you based on relevance. It determines which websites are the most useful by scanning all the words and phrases on each site. As a marketer or entrepreneur, it is essential to understand what the algorithm is looking for. Strengthening and investing in SEO is a sustained process that can bolster your visibility, credibility, and revenue generation if done correctly. 


Any advice for entrepreneurs who might be interested in getting some professional help with their digital marketing?

Research on your target demographics can help you understand who to market your products or services to. For any digital campaign to be successful, analyzing, and targetting the appropriate audience groups is critical. So if you come prepared with that information, your entire digital campaign’s effectiveness can be substantially amplified. 


Experts agree that social media advertising is crucial for building a successful brand when it comes to marketing. Digital marketing has become the foundation for a thriving business in today’s online world.