An Exclusive Interview with Leading Fashion Designer Adam Edelberg

Thanks to the compelling visions of several renowned and amateur designers, fashion has become a way of life for many people. One such vision has caught the eye of coveted names in the fashion industry such as Forbes, Vogue, Times, and GQ, where this young, leading fashion designer was covered. Here’s a rare interview with Adam Edelberg who believes that with a genuine intent for discourse, dialogue, and exchange of design ideas, one can make fashion happen.

Adam Edelberg

How did you manage to make waves in the world of fashion where many renowned designers already rule the roost?

I never intended to make waves. Fashion has been my passion in the sense that I always wanted to create something nobody else had. I was creating couture for a small group of people who appreciated my designs every time. That’s what inspired and fueled my efforts and creativity to bring out better designs. I worked a long time in this industry, so I gained the needed experience to excel too.

Did you receive support from your parents?

To be honest, my parents never wanted me to pursue fashion. But I kept at it.

Finance is worlds apart from fashion. What made you dabble in finance? And what are your plans in this field?

After the whole thing with coronavirus and the lockdown, I realized that just doing fashion was not enough. I was researching quite a lot and found myself enjoying finances. And because I studied economics, I decided to give it a try. Now I am a year old in this industry. Also, in a way, it is adding to my fashion passion and revenue. I have realized that many of my financial clients are fashion savvy, so I get to turn them into my ‘fashion’ clients as well. I plan to create a channel on YouTube to discuss financial services, banking, and wealth management.

What has been your most significant moment in the fashion industry, and what would you tell fellow designers out there?

Many such moments, actually. Like this one time when I got an opportunity to dress Lady Gaga up. I admire her as this pop diva and star has reinvented her style again and again. In fact, that’s what I would like all the aspiring designers to take cognizance of. To reinvent. That’s what we designers, almost always, are required to do to stay ahead of the game.