An Exclusive Interview With Entrepreneur Carlos Scott

Recently we’ve had the opportunity to sit down with Entrepreneur Carlos Scott. He’s been on a roller coaster journey achieving great success during this pandemic.  In a time where most small businesses have shut down Carlos has managed to scale.  Tune in as Carlos reveals his secrets to rising through this pandemic.

Carlos Scott

IM: Carlos what’s it been like for you adapting to these tough times with Covid 19?

Adapting through these crazy times has been fun yet challenging. I’ve been able to focus on building new digital assets that I plan to release soon. Furthermore, I’ve been able to focus on more growth strategies and also start coaching others to help grow their brands.

IM: As you may know many businesses have closed, what are the struggles you faced and how did you overcome them?

I would say the struggles created opportunities. Obviously during this pandemic, a lot of companies lost money and their advertising budgets decreased. In turn, it became harder for me to find brands to partner with. Nonetheless, it allowed me to become more creative in my strategy by creating different content and digital assets that have been valuable.

IM: In these tough times you’ve managed to hire 3 sales reps.  While businesses are closing you’re scaling, what are you doing differently that other businesses can implement?

For me I’d say its been fairly easy. I would say I’ve just been able to coach a lot of people that are interested in what I do and how I do things. In return, people naturally have been reaching out to me to learn more about my brand and programs and how they can be involved.

IM: You mentioned earlier that you completed your B.A Marketing Degree at the College of St. Scholastica.  How has that aided you in your marketing journey?

Yes, correct. Obtaining my degree has helped me Improve my data analytical skills, and how to use that data to make strategic business decisions to grow. Applying and implementing different business systems based off of analytics has been the biggest area that college really helped in my marketing career.

IM: As we close this interview what is your best piece of advice for up and coming entrepreneurs who are looking to open their business?

The best advice I would give up and coming entrepreneurs is to always be hungry for more knowledge and stay consistent. If you aren’t always hungry for more knowledge, then you are staying stagnant. Growth comes from applied knowledge and consistency. Consistency will assure that all your applied knowledge has the highest chances of succeeding.