An Advance Look at WSJ. Money’s Fall 2013 Issue

Attn. Insider Monkey readers: Here’s an advance look at the articles that will be featured in WSJ. Money’s Fall 2013 issue. The issue will be available in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal, and the cover shot is one to behold. Each article can be seen in its entirety by following the links below. Enjoy!

WSJ Money Fall 2013

WSJ. Money Fall 2013 

The Elkhart County Miracle

David Gundlach, a reclusive entrepreneur, willed his entire $150 million fortune to his hometown of  Elkhart, Indiana.  Now the small town wonders what to do with their unexpected windfall while at the same time figuring out more about their mysterious benefactor.

The Grantham File

Jeremy Grantham, chief investment strategist at GMO, is a famed bad-news predictor.  He called the internet bubble and then the housing bubble. Now he’s worried about dwindling resources—but sees opportunity, too.

China Goes Postal for Stamp Collecting

Out of nowhere, Asian stamp collectors are turning a dying hobby into a high-end investment.

Lost in Bermuda, New Wealth

Long a paradise for the old-money crowd, can this quiet island attract the stupendous rich of today?