Alinity ci-series Of Diagnostic Systems From Abbott Laboratories (ABT) Obtains CE Mark

Alinity, a family of next-generation clinical chemistry and immunoassay diagnostics from Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) is now being offered in Europe and other countries that distinguish the CE mark. The company has confirmed that the same have attained the CE mark. The new tools could come in handy in reducing the time spent running lab tests. They will also be a possible solution for clinicians and laboratories that have been struggling with navigation through a pressure-packed healthcare environment.

Notably, global testing volumes are rising by the day, perhaps due to an increasingly aging population, which in return demand increased access to care. Health systems are facing pressure to perform testing efficiently as a result of limited staff and space. This has pushed many institutions into using multiple diagnostic platforms to cover a larger healthcare network just in the name of serving more patients.

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Institutions Are Looking For New Technologies: Will Abbott Provide A Solution?

It is likely that Alinity could potentially change the industry’s testing paradigm according to executive vice president of diagnostics at Abbott, Brian Blaser. He says, “Better healthcare begins with a high performing lab. Abbott’s Alinity family is an unprecedented approach to providing a more efficient, complete lab solution that no competitor in the industry can match.”

Given that they are of modular design, the “Alinity c” clinical chemistry and “Alinity i” immunoassay systems are meant to bring innovation to diagnostic testing. In return, this will elevate Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)’s role in enhancing clinical decision making and conveying high-quality care to patients. The two systems have the capabilities of can operating individually or as an integrated Alinity ci-series unit. Hence, they will be able to meet the greater demand for tests with fewer resources.

But It Has Not Been All Rosy In The Designing Of The Alinity ci Systems

Vice President of Research and Development of Diagnostics Dennis Gilbert says that the system did not just come on a silver plate. Countless hours were spent with customers during the design phase, which enhanced the collection of issues they face every day. Some of the commonly mentioned issues included higher testing volumes against time-intensive processes and instruments as well as the lack of staffing and space.

In the meantime, Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)’s stock closed at $41.29 yesterday after witnessing an increase of $0.55 or 1.35%.

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Note: This article is written by Andy Parker and was originally published at Market Exclusive.