ComScore and Google: According to ComScore, Google Top Dog for Desktop and Mobile Audience

ComScore and Google: It is really no big surprise to anybody that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is top dog when it comes to desktop and mobile audience. After all, this is the site where many people start their online experience.

Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Google FoundersGoogle is one of the hedge fund industry’s most popular stock picks, and it’s always important to pay attention to the smart money (see just why here).

ComScore is no stranger to providing this type of data to the public. That being said, this report is the first to use the company’s new “Media Metrix Multi-Platform” tool.

Before we get into the finer details of where some of the major web properties placed, let’s take a closer look at what Jeff Hackett, executive vice president of comScore, had to say about the new tool:

“We are excited to formally introduce Media Metrix Multi-Platform, a revolutionary development that combines comScore’s flagship products to accurately account for unduplicated audiences across the desktop, smartphone and tablet platforms.”

“This unified view of digital audiences not only establishes a new measurement standard for the industry, but also has the potential to unlock insights that can deliver substantial, currently unrealized value to our publisher, advertiser and agency clients.”

As noted above, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) sites were at the top of the list for February 2013with a total digital population of 228.1 million. As if this was not impressive enough, the company is more than 18 million hits in front of second place Yahoo.

Of course, this list would not be complete if Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was missing. Although the social networking giant is quite popular among people all over the world, it only managed to come in fourth place with a total digital population of 174.8 million.

Even though people don’t necessarily think of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as a company that receives a lot of web traffic, the Cupertino-based company held its own in the top 10 with a position of number 8. With a total digital population of 115.9 million, the tech giant did just fine.

Other companies in the top 10 include: Microsoft (3), Amazon (5), AOL (6), Glam Media (7), Wikimedia (9), and CBS Interactive (10).

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