Abracadabra: The 10 Best Magicians in the World

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When you go to a magic show in Las Vegas, the City of Illusions, you’re likely to encounter some of the best magicians in the world. Not only is this city home to famous illusionists, mentalists, and comic magicians, but it’s also the host to several magic conventions.


Some people consider a magician to be a strange career choice, although we encountered several even more bizarre options in our previously published article, the 9 weirdest jobs in the world. But even such odd jobs have their masters, as is the case with magic entertainers. While some left their mark in the magic world as mind-blowing mentalists, others mastered the art of pick-pocketing. Some became famous by building on their theatrics, and others paired up to create a double-action show.

Today, the array of magicians has increased significantly, but while some of the names on this list might be familiar from TV shows, there are several world class tricksters that shy away from the limelight. So, from Guinness World Records, to mind games and metal chains, let’s talk about the best magicians in the world.

10. Dynamo

Born in Bradford, England, this talented 31-year-old gained his fame by enacting close-up magic tricks to audiences on the streets over a decade ago. Today, he’s a well-known television personality through his show “Dynamo: Magician Impossible”, where he performs stunts featuring celebrities like Will Smith, Travis Barker, and Samuel L. Jackson. His most legendary illusion so far: he walked on water to cross the River Thames in London and filmed it as promotional material for his show.

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