A Rare Interview With Billionaire Jim Simons

Jim Simons is the founder of Renaissance Technologies. At one point RenTech, a quant hedge fund, charged 5% of assets and 44% of returns as fees, yet investors wanted to invest more of their money in the fund. The problem with hedge funds isn’t that they can’t beat the market. They can beat the market when they aren’t managing a lot of money. There is a capacity problem. Today, hedge funds are managing too much money. What do they do with this money? Well, I will share my answer another time. Today, I will share a rare interview with billionaire Jim Simons whose ownership interest in RenTech usually earns him a billion or two every year. You can check out the fund’s top holdings on this page. Our research shows that RenTech’s top 5 stock picks beat the market by a large margin on average. You can get free email updates whenever we publish an article about RenTech or whenever they disclose their stock holdings. Just visit their page and subscribe to our email alerts.