5 Word-of-Mouth Strategies from Marketing Expert Gustavo Tello

Digitalization has evolved marketing by leaps and bounds. With social media platforms like Facebook (FB), Instagram, and Twitter (TWTR), search-giants like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and other publishers working in tandem to create a hyper-connected world, a single review or brand mention can have a far-reaching impact. This evolution has also redefined word-of-mouth marketing. More and more brands are using word-of-mouth strategies to capitalize on various opportunities. Gustavo Tello, a valuable authority in this space, shares five key word-of-mouth strategies to boost business growth. Gustavo has a critical eye for brand value and is a highly accomplished, creative man who mentors many brands and businesses on effective marketing techniques.

Gustavo Tello

Q: Hello Gustavo, tell us how brands can reach their target audience organically.

A: More than 90% of people make purchase decisions based on what their friends, family, and idols say over any other kind of advertising. Even more so, if the target group is millennials, as nearly two out three use an ad blocker. The key here is to influence the right influencer. It might even get the brand featured in big multimedia platforms like the New York Times. Popchips hit their celebrity jackpot moment when Katy Perry tweeted how much she loved to chip chat over their snack! Organic celebrity endorsement is one of the few gems in marketing that’s truly invaluable.

Q: What is crucial for brands to manage their online reputation?

A: Be it a product or a service; being able to deliver quality is crucial. Negative reviews catch like wildfire and can adversely hit the business. For instance, a cafeteria spends significant time on its marketing strategy as well as creating its logo that would hit the right note with its audience. But, if their product – the food and overall experience lack the brand promise, then the result will be more or less – unsatisfied customers spreading negative reviews to make others aware.

Q: How can brands leverage user-generated content?

A: User-generated content or UGC comes from real consumers. Hence, 90% of millennials consider UGC a reliable indicator of a brand’s quality and trustworthiness. Brands can get their UGC strategy right in the following ways:

– Create a hashtag to identify and bring together unique content generated by customers.

– Generate a sense of community. Display UGC content conspicuously on the website and other social channels.

– Incentivize customers by giving a gift or a discount.

Q: What is that one thing that boosts word-of-mouth?

A: When you offer a unique experience to consumers, they will talk about it to the world willingly. Giving consumers something unforgettable they cannot find elsewhere is a sure-fire way to get featured in consumers’ happy conversations without even asking them to. 

Q: What are some other ways that can spread positive word-of-mouth for a brand?

A: Brands and businesses must work on getting customer reviews. When a customer leaves a review on the product page, visitors make it a point to read it. Real reviews from real customers increase the chances of more conversions. In the case of negative reviews, the brand can take instant actions to improve customer experience, turning the negative rant into positive stories.