5 Times Michael Burry’s Market Crash, Other Predictions were Wrong

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In this article, we discuss the 5 times Michael Burry’s market crash, other predictions were wrong. If you want to read our detailed analysis of these predictions, go directly to the 10 Times Michael Burry’s Market Crash, other Predictions were Wrong.

5. Hype Drawing in Retail Investors Before Mother of All Crashes

Source: Twitter, June 2021

Last month, just before he deactivated his Twitter account, Burry used Twitter to predict another market crash. He said in a tweet on June 17 that retail investors were being drawn into a speculative market that would lead to the mother of all crashes. He added that when crypto fell from trillions, or meme stocks fell from tens of billions, losses would approach the size of countries. However, this crash, despite the passing of more than four weeks since he made it, is also yet to materialize, with the market continuing to offer investors record returns. 

One of the premier holdings of the Burry portfolio is NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP), the cloud services and data management company. At the end of March, Burry had call options on 300,000 NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) shares worth $21 million. 

Out of the hedge funds being tracked by Insider Monkey, New York-based investment firm Renaissance Technologies is a leading shareholder in NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) with 1 million shares worth more than $75 million. 

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