5 Stocks You Should Sell in 2022 According to Billionaire Dan Loeb

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In this article, we will look at 5 stocks you should sell in 2022 according to billionaire Dan Loeb. If you want to read about Dan Loeb’s view on the current market situation and his hedge fund’s performance, you can go to 10 Stocks You Should Sell in 2022 According to Billionaire Dan Loeb.

5. CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF)

Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 67

CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF) manufactures and sells hydrogen and nitrogen products for energy, fertilizer, emissions abatement, and other industrial activities worldwide. On June 17, Citi analyst P.J. Juvekar slashed his price target on CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF) to $99 from $123 and downgraded the stock to Neutral from Buy.

On June 6, it was reported in a regulatory filing that Richard Hoker, vice president and corporate controller at CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF), sold roughly 6,600 shares of the company’s common stock at $94.9048 per share.

Third Point owned roughly 1.24 million shares of CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF) at the end of Q4 2022. In the first quarter of 2022, the fund exited its position in the company after discarding 100% of its previous stakes in it.

At the close of Q1 2022, 67 hedge funds disclosed ownership of stakes in CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:CF). The total stakes of these hedge funds amounted to $1.53 billion, down from $1.54 billion in the previous quarter with 58 positions.

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