5 Largest Oil Tanker Companies in the World

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Below you can find the list of the 5 largest oil tanker companies in the world. For detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list, please see the 12 largest oil tanker companies in the world.

5. Frontline Ltd (NYSE: FRO)

Revenue: $957.3 million

Market Cap: $1.22 billion

Assets: $3.134 billion

Number of employees: 70

Headquarters: Hamilton, Bermuda

Frontline Ltd. is one of the largest shipping companies engaged in the transport of crude oil and oil products by sea worldwide. Frontline has 24 very large crude carriers, 28 Suezmax tankers, and 20 Aframaxes, with an average age of only 4 years. Frontline has been formed through a series of major restructuring, mergers, and acquisitions over the last decade.

Cheniere LNG Tanker Shipping Ship Liquid Natural Gas Vessel Fuel Carrier

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