5 Largest Food and Beverage Companies in the World in 2022

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1. Nestle

Total revenue of the company (in billions of dollars): 95.25

Total profits of the company (in millions of dollars): 18,490

Total assets of the company (in billions of dollars): 152.71

Market value as at 31 October 2022 (in billions of dollars): 299.2

Nestle tops the list of the largest food and beverage companies in the world in 2022. Nestle topped the list in three of our four metrics, coming in second in value of assets. The Swiss giant owns so many brands that it is nearly impossible for most people to manage their groceries without buying something from Nestle. In fact, the company owns 29 separate brands each of which bring in annual sales of $1 billion each, a total incredible feat. The company has around 450 factories and operations in close to 190 countries.

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