5 Cheap Oil Stocks Under $10

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In this article we discuss the 5 cheap oil stocks under $10. If you want to read our detailed analysis of the oil industry, go directly to 10 Cheap Oil Stocks Under $10.

5. Enerplus Corporation (NYSE: ERF)

Stock Price: $5.23 via Yahoo Finance.

Enerplus Corporation is a crude oil and natural gas exploration and development company that operates in Canada and the US. Its crude oil and natural gas reserves are primarily located in Montana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Dakota, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Currently, the company is unable to generate any positive free cash flow to cover the dividend and the quarterly revenue growth was -40.10 % according to Yahoo Finance. The company has an overall market cap if $1.178 billion with their revenue per share being 3.09 (ttm). However, Enerplus has a certain hedge in its natural gas operations which is still fairly profitable today.

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