5 Biggest Robotics Companies in the World

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Below you can find the list of the 5 biggest robotics companies in the world. For detailed coverage of this topic and a more comprehensive list, please see the 15 biggest robotics companies in the world.

5. Midea Group

Revenue: $39.9 billion

Market Cap: $52.9 billion

Assets: $40 billion

Number of employees: 114,765

Headquarters: Foshan, China

Midea is certainly a reliable and respected brand in the world of electronic appliances. As smart machines and smart factories are entering a new era of industrial production, the Midea Group is offering its innovation to the robotics industry. Today, Midea Group deploys over 800 robots in production. In 2016, Midea acquired KUKA, a German-robotics company representative of Industry 4.0. for $5 billion. Aside from the internal industrial automation of the company’s facilities, Midea Group offers manufacturing solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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