5 Biggest Bitcoin Predictions in 2021

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In this article we discuss the 5 biggest Bitcoin predictions in 2021. If you want to read our detailed analysis of these predictions, go directly to the 10 Biggest Bitcoin Predictions in 2021.

5. Anthony Scaramucci, Managing Partner Skybridge Capital

Prediction: Bitcoin Is Apex Predator in Digital Currencies Despite Altcoins       

Anthony Scaramucci is a managing partner at Skybridge Capital, a New York-based global investment firm. He has also served as the communications adviser to former United States President Donald Trump. Scaramucci is bullish on Bitcoin despite the recent setbacks and speculation surrounding the future of crypto amid governmental crackdowns. 

Last month, during an interview, Scaramucci said that Bitcoin was still the currency to own even as it struggled while alternate coins soared. Underlining the resistance he faced when he advised clients to invest in crypto a few years ago, Scaramucci said that Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency that had managed to reach escape velocity. 

Scaramucci added that the fall in value was an opportunity, urging investors not to miss out on it. He added that even with the growing prominence of altcoins, Bitcoin had been able to maintain supremacy as the apex predator in digital currencies. Scaramucci said he asked his clients to own small amounts of Bitcoin to get them to appreciate its value. 

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