5 Best Stocks To Buy Now According To Quant Billionaires

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Below are the 5 best stocks to buy now according to quant billionaires. These stocks are some of the top picks of quant hedge fund Two Sigma run by quant billionaires John Overdeck and David Siegel. For a comprehensive list and Two Sigma’s performance please see 10 Best Stocks To Buy Now According To Quant Billionaires.

5. Visa, Inc. (NYSE: V)

Two Sigma Advisors has been holding a stake in Visa (NYSE: V) since 2016. The firm increased its position in the payment technology company by 24% in the December quarter to 1.95 million shares. Visa stock price recovered strongly during the second half of 2020, but its shares are struggling to sustain those gains in 2021.

Visa has seen an increase in hedge fund sentiment in recent months. It was in 166 hedge funds’ portfolios at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020 compared to the all-time high for this statistic of 160. This means the bullish number of hedge fund positions in this stock currently sits at its all-time high. There were 160 hedge funds in our database with V holdings at the end of September.

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