5 Best High Risk High Reward Stocks to Buy Now

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In this article, we will look at 5 best high risk high reward stocks to buy now. If you want to explore similar stocks, you take a look at 10 Best High Risk High Reward Stocks to Buy Now.

5. MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB)

Price-to-Sales Ratio as of August 1: 21.14

Number of Hedge Fund Holders: 61

MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) develops and provides general-purpose database platforms worldwide. The company provides premium database platforms for enterprise customers to run in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid environment. MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) also provides a free open source version of its platform for software developers to familiarize themselves with the environment.

As of August 1, MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) has lost roughly 35% of its value but is positioned to rebound and capture market share due to its industry-leading database platform. On July 12,  Baird analyst William Power initiated coverage of MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) with an Outperform rating and a $360 price target. Power noted that MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) has gathered a reputation for itself as a leading next-generation database services provider. The analyst likes the company’s total addressable market and its flagship Atlas product’s growth statistics and sees MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) positioned for strong growth in the years to come.

At the end of the first quarter of 2022, 61 hedge funds held stakes in MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) worth $1.65 billion. This is compared to 56 positions in the previous quarter with stakes worth $2.07 billion.

As of March 31, Whale Rock Capital Management has stakes worth $218.95 million in MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) and is the most prominent shareholder in the company.

Baron Funds, an asset management firm, thinks MongoDB, Inc. (NASDAQ:MDB) is a “great investment”. Here is what experts at Baron Funds had to say about the company in the firm’s first-quarter 2022 investor letter:

MongoDB, Inc. is the market leader in modern operational databases, with its differentiated document database model. Shares increased on strong fourth quarter results, with an acceleration across total revenue (up 56%), subscription revenue (up 58%), and Atlas cloud revenue, its database as a service or DBaaS offering, (up 85%), and improved profitability. Customer additions grew more than 30%. More importantly, customer spending was also strong, especially for customers spending above $1 million annually, demonstrating that the expansion aspect of MongoDB’s business strategy is resonating as more companies are standardizing on MongoDB’s application data platform.”

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