3 Things That Can Make Sodastream International Ltd. (SODA) Pop: Cott Corporation (USA) (COT), The Coca-Cola Company (KO)

It’s been syrupy sweet to be a Sodastream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA) investor these days. After rising a mere 4% in 2011, its first full year as a public company, SodaStream shares moved 37% higher last year and are trading 10% higher so far in 2013.

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This has already shaped up to be an exciting year for SodaStream, with its first Super Bowl ad and another market-thumping quarterly report last month. Now this week, the company behind the popular beverage maker that turns tap water into sparkling soda teamed up with another notable partner. Private-label bottler Cott Corporation (USA) (NYSE:COT) will begin producing SodaStream’s existing flavors at its facility in Georgia.

Centralized regional distribution with a proven soft drink bottler doesn’t turn heads or move stocks. And the irony of having a generic bottler help out SodaStream’s mission of ridding the world of canned pop was lost on a humorless Mr. Market. However, let’s go over a few things that would get SodaStream’s shares popping.

1. Strike a Monster deal
Sodastream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA) has made allies with some pretty powerful beverage brands. Since early last year alone, we’ve seen deals that have had Crystal Light, Kool-Aid, and, more recently, V8 emerging as SodaStream flavors.

But there’s been a void in the partnerships for the energy-drink market. That’s probably because SodaStream has its own energy-drink syrup. Since canned carbonated energy drinks retail for far more than traditional sodas, it’s actually one of the better relative values in SodaStream’s growing portfolio of flavors. However, a good way to draw attention to the ability to economically fizz up energy drinks at home would be to team up with a recognized leader in the niche.

Red Bull and Monster are the two undisputed leaders in the energy-drink market. Even the soda giants haven’t been able to strip them of their leadership. One can argue that Red Bull would be insane to go this route. The top dog is a global juggernaut with little to gain by selling itself short. Monster, on the other hand, could take advantage of Sodastream International Ltd. (NASDAQ:SODA)’s long-standing international appeal. Just 21% of SodaStream’s gross sales happened outside the United States.

Monster also has several different brands. If it’s afraid of cannibalization or diluting its namesake brand, it can always tiptoe into these adrenaline-boosting waters with one of its smaller brands.

2. Dive into the wellness market
Despite New York City Major Michael Bloomberg’s defeat earlier this month on an ordinance that would have limited the sale of supersized soft drinks, sugary soft drinks will continue to come under fire. Childhood obesity levels are too high, and sipping large amounts of soda opens up the possibility of health risks.