3 European Coal Stocks to Buy As Russia Squeezes Gas Supply

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In this article, we talk about the 3 European coal stocks to buy as Russia squeezes gas supply. If you want to read our detailed analysis of the energy sector in Europe and its current situation, go directly to 8 European Coal Stocks to Buy As Russia Squeezes Gas Supply

3. CEZ, a. s. (PX:CEZ.PR)

CEZ, a. s. (PX:CEZ.PR) is an energy company based in Prague, Czech Republic. It has more than 7 million customers and 28,000 employees across Europe, ranking it among the 10 largest energy companies in the EU. It deals in the production and transmission of electricity and heat, the purchase and sale of natural gas, and coal mining. Since its inception, CEZ, a. s. (PX:CEZ.PR) has paid out more than 343 billion Czech crowns to its shareholders as dividend payments.

The company generates electricity through a variety of sources, and is the largest producer of electricity from renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic. It also boasts 165 MW power generating capacity from wind energy parks in Turkey, Germany and the Czech Republic. But a large part of the company’s portfolio consists of coal power plants. In total, CEZ, a. s. (PX:CEZ.PR) runs 10 coal-fueled power and heating plants across the Czech Republic and Poland.

The Czech Republic is the fifth-largest net exporter of electricity in the European Union, meaning it has the ability to produce more than its own requirement of power. Many environmentalists have therefore criticized CEZ, a. s. (PX:CEZ.PR) for its continued reliance on coal plants over the years. But now CEZ has the potential to stabilize European energy markets at a time of great crises, making it a good European stock to buy now.

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