20 Dividend Stocks That Billionaires Are Piling On

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Numerous billionaire money managers, including the likes of Warren Buffett and Ken Fisher, absolutely love dividend stocks (check out a list of Ken Fisher’s favorite dividend picks to see for yourself). Given the vast amounts of money they are entrusted with to invest, it’s no surprise that they often turn to companies which pay dividends, which tend to be some of the biggest and most stable companies (and stocks) around.

We track about 60 of these supremely wealthy investors in our database alongside more than 600 other successful money managers and pay close attention to their top collective stock picks. At the beginning of this year we launched the Insider Monkey Billionaire Stock Index, which tracks the 30 Stocks Billionaires Are Crazy About. That index has beaten the market in 2018 (through November 16) with gains of 4.6%, which is trending in line with our backtests of that strategy’s potential, which showed average market beating returns of 1-2 percentage points annually.

Warren Buffett vs. David Einhorn

Billionaire Money Managers Warren Buffett and David Einhorn

We also track the top consensus picks of only the best performing hedge funds each quarter and share them exclusively with our newsletter subscribers and that strategy is in a class of its own. Insider Monkey’s flagship “Best Performing Hedge Funds Strategy” has DESTROYED the market since its May 2014 inception, returning an incredible 78.4% through December 3. The S&P 500? Barely 60%. You do the math. Check out a detailed analysis of Insider Monkey’s impressive performance and past quarterly stock picks for all the details. Our newest picks were released less than a month ago; don’t miss out!

Below we’ll check out 20 Dividend Stocks That Billionaires Are Piling On, all of which were owned by at least nine of the billionaire money managers tracked by Insider Monkey’s database on September 30, or about 15% of them, which is a strong consensus. For reference, among the 30 Most Popular Stocks Among Hedge Funds in Q3 of 2018, only the seven most popular stocks were owned by at least 15% of hedge funds. To avoid repetition and provide as many valuable stock picks as possible, we have not included any of the 30 stocks from the Insider Monkey Billionaire Stock Index on this list. All of the following dividend stocks carry at least 2.5% dividend yields as of December 6, 2018.

20. State Street Corporation (NYSE:STT)

Number of Billionaire Hedge Fund Shareholders (as of September 30): 9

Value of Billionaires’ Holdings (as of September 30): $771 million

Forward Dividend & Yield: 1.88 (2.88%)

Ex-Dividend Date: 2018-09-28

State Street announced an 11.9% hike to its dividend back in July, which raised it to a 2.03% forward yield at the time. Shares have since slid by over 23%, pushing the dividend up past a healthy 2.8%.

Follow State Street Corp (NYSE:STT)

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