2 Billionaire Interviews You Need To Watch

Billionaire interviews: Warren Buffett and Stanley Druckenmiller are two of the biggest billionaire investors alive today, and it’s important that all market-watchers keep up to date with their latest opinions. While Buffett’s words can move markets quite easily, Druckenmiller’s no slouch, and his past success with George Soros (the duo booked a $1B gain on their infamous short of the British Pound in 1992) warrants your attention.


On CNBC last week, both investors were interviewed, Buffett about the equity markets and Druckenmiller about the Federal Reserve.

In Buffett’s interview, he explained that “the lower interest rates are, the more assets are worth, basically,” adding that there are “other variables” that may be keeping asset prices high aside from just QE3. Buffett mentions that it could be that “business is a lot better,” but that rates are nonetheless important.

With regard to equity valuations, here’s what Buffett had to say:

“They’ve moved a long way. They were very cheap five years ago, ridiculously cheap. That’s been corrected. They’re probably more or less fairly priced now […] we’re having a hard time finding things to buy.”

Here’s the rest of his interview with CNBC:

Stanley Druckenmiller’s interview is also worth watching, as he explains how the Fed “blew it,” according to the network:

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