10 Stocks Hedge Funds Are Crazy About

This week hedge funds revealed their holdings at the end of third quarter. There is a 45 day delay but there aren’t big changes in hedge funds’ favorite stocks. At the end of the second quarter Apple was the most popular stock among hedge funds, followed by Microsoft. Citigroup ranked third, JP Morgan ranked fourth, and Google ranked fifth. Apple is still the most popular among hedge funds at the end of third quarter. This ranking is based on 287 funds Insider Monkey tracks. We will add more than 100 funds to our list and update the rankings early next week. For now, here are the 10 stocks hedge funds are crazy about:

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)

1. Apple: 103 funds had Apple in their portfolios.

2. Google: 79 funds

3. Microsoft: 76 funds

4. Citigroup: 75 funds

5. JP Morgan: 64 funds

6. Bank of America: 62 funds

7. Pfizer: 60 funds

8. General Motors: 59 funds

9. Qualcomm: 58 funds

10. Wells Fargo: 57 funds

Yahoo and eBay follow these stocks with 54 and 50 funds respectively. Check back later for the updated list.