10 Obstacles To Personal Development

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Many things can hold us back in life; look over the following list and see what might be getting in your way of personal development success.

1. Self-doubt. Lots of people don’t really believe in themselves or feel they are worthy of the best in life and this keeps them stagnant. Understand that you are capable of pretty much anything you set your mind to and that you deserve to have what you want.

2. The limitations others place on you. Many people grew up hearing words of discouragement and unfortunately, that lingers. Tune it all out and redefine your course in life by proving them wrong. Ignore anyone who tells you can’t do it and learn to trust yourself and your own opinions.

3. Procrastination. Putting off your responsibilities till later works against you in many ways, mainly in regards to your self-confidence. Take the initiative in every little challenge you face and make a point of accomplishing goals in a timely manner. Even running errands and getting laundry done right away can help put you on a schedule for success by giving you an immediate sense of accomplishment. Start taking care of the things that really matter to you.

4. Fear. Believe it or not, most people are afraid of change even when it’s positive! This can hold you back forever, so accept that things will be different and understand that you can cope with the change.

5. Complacency. Accepting the way things are and just mulling through the mediocrity will keep you stagnant for life; get hungry for change and make it happen. Being satisfied with just getting by or merely existing is no way to live when you’ve got big dreams in personal development.

6. Vicarious satisfaction. Freud once said “All men are great in their dreams” and unfortunately, that’s where some people live. Sure it’s nice to imagine how wonderful your life can be, but not taking the steps to make those dreams come true is selling yourself short. Don’t take satisfaction in thinking about things, seek fulfillment in achieving them!

7. Money. People tend to think that because they don’t have the financial means, they can’t really go anywhere in life, but this philosophy is proved wrong over and over. Ingenuity, frugality and determination can pull you from the depths of the lowest monetary position. Don’t use money as an excuse not to get where you want to be!

8. Relationships. Sadly, too many people hang onto what could have been in relationships and fail to move onto bigger and better things in life. Put yourself first and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of your goals. Eventually things fall into place and when you are where you want to be, you are in a much better position to make great relationship choices anyway.

9. Energy. Take better care of yourself and you will have much more energy to get through each day and meet every challenge in it! If you’re always completely pooped-out, it’s hard to reach for a higher position in life. Eat right, sleep well and exercise regularly to keep your body up to the tasks that will lead to your success in personal development.

10. Faith. No matter what you’ve met with in life, don’t allow it to discourage you from moving forward. It can be hard to keep the faith when you’re stuck in a dead-end job, having difficulty making ends meet and feeling that you haven’t been living up to your potential. Feeling sorry will only keep you where you are, so gather your strength, hold your chin high and keep the faith!

If any of these things are holding you back, make a point of getting them out of your way. You’ve got much better things to do, including meeting your goals in personal development!

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