10 Marvel Women that Should Get a Movie Right Now

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You probably have your own strong opinions about which Marvel women that should get a movie. Without a doubt, Marvel has given us lots of wonderful (and not so wonderful) movies starring the comic book heroes that we love, including the Avengers, the X-Men, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four. But still a gap is left unfilled, that of female Marvel characters.


This list is maybe more of a dream than anything else, but for me, these ladies deserve to be properly represented in the Marvel on-screen world; and not just as part of an ensemble or in a TV series, but at the front of a full solo movie starring a Marvel superhero or superhuman. So this is my wish list of the Marvel women who should get a movie rather sooner than later.

Furthermore, I think that a female-led Marvel movie could end up being more than profitable for the studio, as there are more fans out there, both male and female, who would enjoy watching such a movie. Who knows, some day it could even make it to the list of The 20 Highest Rated Movies of All-Time.

So, let’s take a look at the countdown for the Marvel women that should get a movie as soon as possible.


10. Clea

Clea is not a very well known character outside of the Marvel fan sphere, but there lies her potential as well. She could be easily relaunched into the Marvel Universe as a movie character, thus making it new and fresh for the younger and unknowing generations. She is a sorceress who can teleport and perform telekinesis, and she is also Doctor Strange’s disciple and lover.


9. Valkyrie

Oddly enough, this Asgardian has not appeared on screen thus far, despite the Thor movies that could have been the perfect scenario for her to show up. This member of Defenders could be easily introduced in several Marvel stories or even have her own film.


8. Misty Knight

An ex-cop with superhuman strength, a detective with a bionic arm, a martial artist with technopathy… all of this combined in Misty Knight is a key to success. Moreover, the Heroes for Hire co-founder is a sexy African American heroine who we would all love to watch on screen, preferably embodied by a fit and sensual actress, right?


7. Moondragon

A skilful geneticist, a master in martial arts and a powerful telepath; all these features make Moondragon worthy of a spot in Marvel’s wonderful film world. Plus, having a bisexual character on screen promises an exciting plot and a bit of controversy.

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