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Back in 2007, Ross J. Turner, a 29-year-old investment manager, decided it was time to stop working for others, starting his own small-cap fund Pelham Capital. Prior to founding Pelham Capital, Ross Turner, who functions as its portfolio manager, was a ‘rising star’ of the big London hedge fund, Lansdowne Partners, where he was in charge of investment management. Prior to that he worked at JP Morgan Cazenove Limited as an Investment Adviser. It seems that Ross Turner learned plenty tricks of the trade while working at Lansdowne Partners, as he has managed to outperform his former bosses a few different times with his new fund. According to the Sunday Times, Ross Turner is among the 20 richest hedge fund managers in Britain with an estimated £300 million fortune, up by £77 million from 2017.

Pelham Capital uses a long/short investment strategy, focusing on acquiring long-term positions in companies that have stable cash flows and promising growth, while at the same time searching for targets to sell short. This strategy has resulted in very strong returns. According to Barron’s, the fund returned 39% in 2017 and averaged 27% returns between 2015 and 2017, ranking in fourth position among the top 100 hedge funds in 2018.

Ross J. Turner
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Pelham Capital
Manager Ross J. Turner
Portfolio Value $166,390,906
Change This QTR +0.74%
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. HLT 199,580 $42,572,410 -34% 25.58%
Linde Plc
68,145 $31,641,086 +4% 19.01%
3. APG 618,266 $24,279,306 NEW 14.59%
4. PLNT 314,926 $19,723,815 -30% 11.85%
5. CSGP 200,377 $19,356,418 -28% 11.63%
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