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Founded in 2009, Mudrick Capital Management is a New York-based firm specializing in distressed credit and event-driven investments across diverse industries. The firm aims to deliver equity-like returns with credit-like risk and volatility, focusing on uncorrelated opportunities throughout the corporate capital structure and distressed cycle.

Jason Mudrick is an American investment manager and the founder, as well as Chief Investment Officer, of Mudrick Capital Management, an investment firm specializing in special situations such as distressed securities and deep-value event-driven investing. Mudrick gained prominence in 2021 when his firm earned $200 million, largely from investments in debt and equity options of AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. and out-of-the-money options for GameStop. He began his career as an investment banker in Merrill Lynch & Co.'s Mergers & Acquisitions Investment Banking Division after graduating from Harvard Law School in 2000.

Mudrick Capital Management is a hedge fund managing assets for 45 clients with a total AUM of $3.32 billion. Their Q1 2024 13F filing showed $248.16 million in managed 13F securities, with a top 10 holdings concentration of 100%. The largest holding for Mudrick Capital Management is Vroom Inc. NOTE 0.750% 7/0, with 218,628,000 shares held.

Jason Mudrick
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Mudrick Capital Management
Manager Jason Mudrick
Portfolio Value $248,158,579
Change This QTR +0.56%
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
Vroom Inc.NOTE 0.75% 7/0
VRM 218,628,000 $121,338,540 +8128% 48.89%
2U Inc.NOTE 2.250% 5/0
TWOU 5,063,833.3,333,333 $72,128,938 +62% 29.06%
3. GSAT 32,456,879 $47,711,612 -22% 19.22%
4. SHCR 4,853,800 $3,725,292 1.5%
2U Inc.DEBT 4.500% 2/0
TWOU 250,000 $2,636,250 NEW 1.06%
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