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Founded by Ric Dillon in 2000 and co-managed by Chuck Bath, Diamond Hill Capital primarily employs a bottom-up, fundamental approach to its investing strategy. It uses a proprietary Diamond Hill Investment Model to determine intrinsic value, which looks at: Normalized earnings and growth rate, Payout ratio and dividends, Terminal earnings multiple, and Required rate of return, according to the firm. Diamond Hill Capital manages roughly $10 billion in assets.

Ric Dillon
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Diamond Hill Capital
Manager Ric Dillon
Portfolio Value $24,738,346,000
Change This QTR +1.16%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value (x$1000) Activity % Port
1. AIG 19,798,266 $914,878 +2% 3.69%
2. ABT 6,064,293 $726,745 +3% 2.93%
3. BRK.A 2,719,647 $694,788 +5% 2.8%
4. BAC 15,875,539 $614,225 +5% 2.48%
5. KKR 12,573,402 $614,211 +5% 2.48%
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