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Eli Casdin founded Casdin Capital in 2011 and currently he serves as the hedge fund’s chief investment officer and founder. Eli Casdin graduated from Columbia University and Columbia Business School with a B.S. and an MBA, respectively. Over the past 16 years, Casdin has researched innovative technologies and business models in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. He worked as the vice president at Alliance Bernstein’s “thematic” investment division before establishing Casdin Capital, where he conducted research and made investments related to the effects of emerging technologies on the life science and healthcare industries. In the past, Casdin also worked for Bear Stearns and Cooper Hill Partners, an investment company with a concentration on the healthcare industry.

Casdin Capital is a New York-based hedge fund that concentrates on disruptive businesses. It is ideally positioned to profit from a disruptive, unappreciated technology transformation that is now taking place in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. There are investment opportunities across the board in healthcare and sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, and traditional IT. Casdin Capital invests in all facets of the current life sciences revolution and believes that excellent medications make great investments. To produce value and open up new prospects, Casdin Capital addresses the market by collaborating with businesses and building positions. Strong relationships, perseverance, and patience are all necessary for significant rewards. Casdin Capital is one of the few experienced investors in the industry due to years of involvement and practice.

According to Casdin, the hedge fund makes investments “across the entire life sciences continuum”, including businesses that “may not seem as sexy as a gene therapy or as impactful but actually are huge enablers of these fields”.

Eli Casdin
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Casdin Capital
Manager Eli Casdin
Portfolio Value $1,018,739,385
Change This QTR +1.13%
Fund Holdings Sector Distribution
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. RVMD 5,714,775 $163,899,747 +216% 16.08%
2. BLFS 8,707,165 $141,491,431 +12% 13.88%
3. SRPT 1,006,500 $97,056,795 -1% 9.52%
4. RLAY 7,387,943 $81,341,252 +7% 7.98%
Structure Therapeutics Inc
1,091,867 $44,504,499 -14% 4.36%
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