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Established in 2006, Aubrey Capital Management stands out as a specialized global manager renowned for its unique investment methodology. This majority employee-owned enterprise boasts offices in both Edinburgh and London, under the leadership of Andrew Dalrymple, who serves as the Founder, Director, and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) at Aubrey.

Andrew Dalrymple, an alumnus of Cambridge University, embarked on his professional journey with Cazenove & Co. He then transitioned to James Capel in 1987 and subsequently relocated to James Capel (Far East) in Hong Kong in 1991, where he specialized in Asian markets. His career continued to flourish as he collaborated with UBS Warburg in Hong Kong from 1992 to 1998. In 1998, Andrew joined Stewart Ivory and took a significant step in 1999 by establishing the Global Opportunities Fund, now known as the First State Global Opportunities Fund. This fund, under his stewardship, outperformed, achieving a remarkable 112.2% rise from August 1999 to June 2006, compared to a mere 3.8% increase in the MSCI World Index. The First State Global Opportunities Fund consistently ranked in the top quartile over various time frames, solidifying its reputation as Andrew's signature fund during his tenure at First State Investments.

As of the latest available information from January 2023, Aubrey Capital Management LTD, headquartered in Edinburgh, operates as a hedge fund with 215 clients. The firm manages discretionary assets totaling $1,011,830,095, as disclosed in its Form ADV. In the third quarter of 2023, their 13F filing revealed managed 13F securities amounting to $174,361,094, with a notable top 10 holdings concentration of 64.88%. Aubrey Capital Management LTD continues to demonstrate its commitment to delivering exceptional results for its clients.

Andrew Dalrymple
Fund Profile
Filing Period:
Fund Name: Aubrey Capital Management
Manager Andrew Dalrymple
Portfolio Value $282,199,600
Change This QTR +1.20%
Filing Period:
Last update:
No. Security Ticker Shares Value Activity % Port History
1. MMYT 340,500 $24,088,600 +7% 8.53%
2. MELI 15,808 $23,806,445 +29% 8.43%
3. EDU 265,856 $22,828,367 -13% 8.08%
4. TCOM 458,100 $19,926,967 +52% 7.06%
5. FMX 149,200 $19,354,875 +21% 6.85%