Zuckerberg Shares in Facebook: Zuckerberg’s Facebook Stake is Climbing

Zuckerberg Shares in Facebook: Most people are well aware that Mark Zuckerberg is famous for being the founder of the social networking giant, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB).

Mark ZuckerbergAlthough the company has not performed well on Wall Street since making its debut, Zuckerberg has recently seen his stake in the company increase.

According to a filing earlier this week with US regulators, Zuckerberg now owns roughly 30 percent of the social networking site.

Here is what Business Insider had to say:

“Zuckerberg owns 632.65 million Facebook shares as compared with the slightly more than 500 million he held in September when the stock’s sagging price prompted a promise he would not sell any for at least a year.”

At the time of the company’s IPO, Zuckerberg decided to sell off approximately 30 million shares. At this time (last May), the company was trading at $38.

While shares dipped to a low of $17.55 in September, it appears that Zuckerberg and the rest of his team are pulling things together. At the close of the day on Wednesday, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) was trading at $28.04. Definitely not back to where it started, but better than where things appeared to be heading.

Here is more from the same Business Insider piece:

“Securities and Exchange Commission filings show Zuckerberg has been building his stake Facebook, the potential of which he contends is underestimated by the market.”

“One SEC filing showed that Zuckerberg acquired 18 million Facebook shares in mid-December at a price of zero, indicating they were tied to his compensation as chief of the social network.”

It will be interesting to see where Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares head in the near future. Is Zuckerberg going to be a big winner for his decision to acquire more shares? Or will this come back to haunt him?

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