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The “Government Motors” stigma still isn’t fading
It has been nearly four years since General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) emerged from bankruptcy, but the hard feelings over GM’s taxpayer-funded bailout haven’t yet faded. I hear it from readers all the time: GM will never again compete with old rival Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) in their eyes, because Ford was able to finance its own turnaround without government intervention.

That’s certainly true, and it doesn’t help that Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F)’s turnaround has been a shining success while GM continues to muddle through what seems like a never-ending overhaul.

So how can GM get past the “Government Motors” stigma? Making consistently great cars and trucks (like – I hate to say it – Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) is doing) would certainly help, and although GM’s progress on that front hasn’t been unequivocal, GM’s best recent products really are excellent. With a slew of new models on the way over the next couple of years, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) should – should – be able to regain more of its former customers.

But I think GM will need to do more to bring its “Government Motors” chapter to a close.

Will GM step up and really pay taxpayers back?
At current prices, the Treasury’s remaining shares are worth a bit less than $8 billion – a long way from the $20 billion that remains unpaid from the bailout.

The Treasury is expected to have sold the last of its GM shares about a year from now, in March of 2014. At that point, GM’s remaining “debt” to taxpayers could become a big issue, a PR thorn in GM’s side.

GM had $26.1 billion in cash on hand at the end of 2012. Writing a big check to the Treasury to square accounts once and for all would put a sizable dent in that cash hoard – but it could end up being the right thing to do to help restore General Motors Company (NYSE:GM)’s reputation. Will GM CEO Dan Akerson decide to go there? Stay tuned.

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