When Bill Ackman Grows Older, He Wants To Be Like Carl Icahn

Bill Ackman respects Carl Icahn. So much so, in fact, that he has told CNBC in an interview that when he grows older, he would like to think that he would be like his fellow billionaire investor.

In the discussion, Bill Ackman who runs Pershing Square Capital Management was asked what his takeaway from his former longstanding feud with Carl Icahn who runs Icahn Capital LP.

“Carl Icahn is a fairly incredible guy. At age 78, I would say he’s one of the most active investors in the world. And the lessons are, at age 78, I hope I have as much energy and spirit as he has,” Bill Ackman said.

Carl Icahn is 30 years senior to Ackman. The two were previously going at it publicly as CNBC notes and while the two have patched things up last year, they still have unfinished battles such as their opposing views on Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF).

Bill Ackman is famously against Herbalife, going as far as calling it a pyramid scam. The hedge fund manager famously made a $1 billion bet against the nutrition company.

Carl Icahn, on the other hand, still owns stock in Herbalife. Icahn Capital LP owned 17 million shares in Herbalife as of the end of the third quarter of 2014, a stake worth then at about $743.75 million.

However, since both appearing at the CNBC Delivering Alpha Conference in New York last year, the two have simmered down on their battle which began in a business disagreement over a decade ago.

As the story goes, Bill Ackman reportedly called his peer’s office and said that he was calling to forgive Icahn.

Not to be outdone, as high-flying and aggressive billionaire raiders usually are, Carl Icahn reportedly replied saying that forgiving is a blessing and that he also forgives Ackman.

One thing’s for certain, these two have made billions though they may disagree with each other on certain things.