What These Numbers Mean for Investors: Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NOK)

Apple’s iPhone 5 revived sales of the Apple smartphone segment with sales at a mammoth 43.5 million units in 4Q2012, y/y growth of 22.6%. A sign of worry for Apple investors can be consumer preference for the low value iPhone 4 and 4s. This can be either because consumers favor the iPhone 4/4s over the iPhone 5 or the iPhone no longer warrants the high margins it used to. I believe it is a combination of both factors with consumers’ disinterest in the lackluster iPhone 5 being the dominant reason. The iPad mini saw a lot of favor from consumers, but according to the research firm this could have also come at the cost of an iPhone 5 upgrade. The slow economy has significantly hampered luxury spending in Europe and America, so consumers were at times left with a choice between an iPhone 5 upgrade or the iPad mini. The lower margins on the mini are already a sign of worry for unrealistic Apple margins.

Bottom Line

Nokia has gained some momentum with its Asha and Lumia series, but there is still a long way to go. Microsoft’s Windows 8/WP8 platform will be the key to the long term market share of Lumia. This is because the strength of the entire ecosystem is fast becoming a key requirement for hardware success. Apple remains a global force in the smartphone industry but faces threats from declining margins and competition from high performance and lower priced Galaxy devices. The company will have to choose between a lower priced smartphone and launching new products, such as the much rumored Apple TV, to drive future growth.

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