What Is Going On In The Financial Markets Today?

6. Interesting Reads

“Verizon Communications will create a new company called Oath after it completes its $4.5 billion acquisition of Yahoo and melds the troubled internet company with its AOL operations. Oath will oversee Yahoo and AOL after the deal is completed. The Yahoo and AOL brands are expected to survive, although Verizon says it won’t provide any details about its plans for Oath until this summer. “You can bet we will be launching one of the most disruptive brand companies in digital,” AOL said in a Monday statement.”


“The Galaxy S8 is the first in a new generation of OLED smartphones that have a full-screen display design,” DisplayMate’s president Dr. Raymond M. Soneira explains. “It has many major and important state-of-the-art display performance enhancements, features and functions, with mobile OLED display technology now advancing faster than ever.” “The Galaxy S8 is the most innovative and high-performance Smartphone display that we have ever lab tested. So the Galaxy S8 becomes the Best Performing Smartphone Display, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade,” the report notes.


“Microsoft is getting into the “fun camera app” game with a new iOS application called Sprinkles, which has now earned a featured spot in the “New apps we love” section of the App Store. The gist with Sprinkles, clearly aimed at a teen audience, is to offer a variety of traditional photo decorating tools like stickers, emoji and captions, but leverages Microsoft’s machine learning and A.I. capabilities to do things like detect faces, determine the photo subject’s age and emotion, figure out your celebrity look-a-like, suggest captions, and more.”

(Tech Crunch)

“When one starts a new project, there tends to be a lot of reading, which is why the best business blogs for entrepreneurs and small business owners could be really helpful if you’re trying to bring an idea to life. The entrepreneurial spirit continues to grow as it becomes much more commonplace and easier to start a business and become successful. The rise in technology has made it more accessible to manage a company and make your ideas into a reality. There’s always a fresh idea and a fresh approach to something that seems a little bit basic, which is why there are so many apps on the market for mundane activities that skyrocket in popularity because we didn’t think of them first.”

(Insider Monkey)

“Apple hasn’t been paying much attention to its pro users lately, and the company finally seems to be owning up to it. Speaking to a small gathering of news outlets yesterday, including BuzzFeedTechCrunch, and Daring Fireball, Apple acknowledged that it had been a while since the company put a focus on pro desktops, announced minor spec updates to the existing Mac Pro, and said that a new Mac Pro model is in the works. But perhaps most importantly, Apple admitted that its flashy 2013 Mac Pro redesign was a mistake, and executives indicated that Apple intends to better support its professional users in the future.”

(The Verge)

“A former Google engineer at the center of a fight over self-driving car technology made more than $120 million, according to a legal filing Monday, highlighting the intense competition among tech companies and carmakers for talent in the nascent sector. The autonomous vehicle unit, now called Waymo, claimed in an arbitration demand against the former employee, Anthony Levandowski, that he breached his contract by recruiting from its ranks for his rival company, Otto, — while collecting more than $120 million in incentive payments from the search giant.”