What is FiOS? Verizon Offers New Service for Mobile Devices

What is FiOS? Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) is the biggest internet and communication provider in United States. In the past few days it became a whole owner of its wireless services after closing a long-lasting agreement with Vodafone Group Plc (ADR) (NASDAQ:VOD), a former co-owner. The new situation eliminates uncertainty about ownership in the wireless industry, and allows Verizon to begin improving its operations spectrum, particularly for FiOS TV subscribers. Verizon’s clients can now see their favorites TV programs and movies on demand away from home, thanks to new services offered to iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, Android Tablets and other Smartphones.

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ)

Maitreyi Krishnaswamy, director of FiOS TV’s consumer video services, said “The FiOS Mobile App has a wide variety of content choice for all ages and interests, from the do-it-yourselfer to the moviegoer, and this is just the beginning.” Even though Verizon is not the first company to offer this kind of services for mobile devices, it is the first to get a wide variety of live TV channels including BBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, UNIvision, and UniMas, adding a list of more than 45,000 movie titles to its clients. In this way, Verizon goes a step forward in comparison to competitors such as AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T), one of the major wireless providers in US.

Also, Verizon is a company that has captured several postpaid clients in the United States thanks to its wide quantity of services, consistent brand message, and geographic coverage. For those reasons, it is possible for this company to become a leading provider for FiOS Mobile App in the first stage of this service, thanks to its expertise in a wide spectrum of communications services and great involvement in the entertainment side of the business.

However, it is expected that rivals start to invest to bring live TV, programs and movies to mobile devices. Recently, the new company resulted from the T MOBILE US INC. (NYSE:TMUS) and MetroPCS merger, shows that competitors will challenge Verizon in the near future. At last, with a US wireless market reaching maturity, industry competition became particularly centered in a general diversity of products provided for mobile devices, quality and customer services, and affordable plans. If you still are asking “What is FiOS,” be sure to check back here for more updates.

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