Westport Innovations Inc. (USA) (WPRT): Mass Adoption of Natural Gas Vehicles, What if?

The growth in refueling infrastructure to go with that, that would be another indicator. And of course the operating economics and price of natural gas; if it continues to stay low, that continues to be a strong indicator.

Those are the indicators I would look for.

Smith: Are there any sort of technological hurdles as you make that shift from large engines to small engines that we should consider, or does it already exist?

Munshi: It’s already happening. There are no specific or special hurdles, technologically speaking, to apply natural gas technology to smaller engines or smaller vehicles.

Yes, the type of engine technology that you would use would change from a heavy to medium or light-duty. It depends on the application. It depends on what the customer needs, but those things are happening. It has been done before.

From a technology point of view, I do not see any significant hurdles.

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