Virgin Media Inc. (VMED), Kayak Software Corp (KYAK) Among Havens Advisors’ Best Investments

The next on the list is McMoRan Exploration Co (NYSE:MMR). Havens Advisors disclosed owning 646,000 shares of the company, down from a stake of 849,071 shares mentioned in the previous 13F. The current value of the stake also declined to $10.6 million, from $13.6 million at the end of December. In April, Mcmoran Exploration Co (NYSE:MMR) announced a cash dividend of $14.375 per share of 5.75% of its convertible perpetual preferred stock, and $20 per share of 8% of its convertible perpetual preferred stock. Mcmoran Exploration Co (NYSE:MMR) shares have a year-to-date return of 3.93%.

Another new position in the equity portfolio of Nancy Havens-Hasty’s fund is Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL). In the most recent 13F, the fund disclosed owning 717,000 shares of Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL), the value of the stake being about $10.3 million. Trading at a forward P/E of 8.0x, Dell has a year-to-date return of 31.07%. According to our database, 50 of the hedge funds we track were long in Dell Inc. (NASDAQ:DELL) at the end of 2012.

Final Thoughts

Nancy Havens-Hasty’s Havens Advisors reported a total of 39 positions in the most recent 13F filing, versus 40 holdings in the 13F for the last quarter of 2012. The total value of all holdings also declined to $158 million, from $220.3 million in the previous 13F. However, the equity portfolio of Havens Advisors is a diversified one, which means that in case some companies have losses due to an overall decline in their respective industries, their peers can help to cover for them.

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