Trinity Place Holdings Inc. (TPHS): Billionaire Michael Price Adds New Holding

As fast as we can type this, Michael Price’s MFP Investors, purchased a 1,000,000 shares in Trinity Place Holdings Inc. (PINK:TPHS) in a 13D filing with the SEC’s Edgar system. In total, the position is Trinity Place Holdings Inc. (PINK:TPHS) is now worth almost $4.2 million. This is a new position.

Michael Price

A couple of days ago, MFP Investors reported about purchasing 6,080,000 shares of First Security Group Inc (NASDAQ:FSGI).

Looking at the entire picture, 13Ds tell us the goals of activist fund managers. These mega-investors are the high-flyers in the investment world, and look to take a brush stroke to an existing business model.

In layman’s terms, it’s extremely beneficial for average investors to pay attention to Michael Price’s new trade into Trinity Place Holdings Inc. (PINK:TPHS).

Though the media, analysts and the blogosphere at large reports on plenty of financial measures, there’s one that is particularly important: total sentiment of the world’s best money managers. Empirical studies have shown that those who copy the funds we track can outperform the S&P 500 by an average of 18 percentage points each year.

Keying on Trinity Place Holdings Inc. (PINK:TPHS), we should point out that zero other hedge funds were invested at the end of last quarter.

Just as important, we must tell you a few other stocks in MFP Investors’ 13F portfolio. As follows, they include West Coast Bancorp (NASDAQ:WCBO), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), and Citigroup Inc. (NYSE:C), and are mentioned on the next page: