Top 5 Food Delivery Stocks to Buy in 2021

4. Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT)

Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is an Arkansas-based multinational retail firm that was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. It is the largest company in the world by revenue and operates more than 11,000 stories in 26 countries. It is also the largest private employer globally with over 2 million employees. The overseas investments for t

he company have seen mixed returns, with franchises under different names going on to success in Canada, United Kingdom and China but failing in Germany and South Korea.

The company has a market cap of over $382 billion and posted a revenue of $559 billion in January 2020. The shares of the company have seen a boost over the past few weeks as it was reported that its subsidiary in India by the name of Flipkart was considering going public. Flipkart has been valued at over $24 billion after it raised over $1 billion in the latest round of funding at the end of last year. In January this year, Walmart partnered with smart box maker Home Valet with plans to expand its food delivery business. 

The shares of the company have seen a more than 13% increase over the past few months and as the economic restrictions around the US are lifted, their price is likely to touch new highs. In a detailed assessment of the retail market, the Bank of America last month said that Walmart was closing the gap on Amazon in the retail business. During the pandemic, online delivery service had catapulted Amazon ahead of Walmart as people ordered from the comfort of their homes. The bank said Walmart still maintained the lead on Amazon in grocery delivery.