Tokenization Made Easy: An Interview with Sam Bikbaev, CEO at UWIM

It takes a lot of resources to create a crypto coin, including a team of experts and developers. A token can be created faster, but it still requires technical knowledge. Before launching your crypto asset, you need to consider its utility, tokenomics, consensus mechanism, architecture, and how it’s going to be developed. Anyone can create a cryptocurrency but developing a solid project requires serious work and dedication.

What if constructing a token would be a task that doesn’t require much technical knowledge or programming skills? Today we have Sam Bikbaev, the CEO of UWIM, whose team has developed a smart token constructor that allows issuing personal crypto assets with just several clicks. Sam will answer our questions about creating tokens on the platform and how the UWIM ecosystem works.

Q: Hello Sam! Thank you for joining us.

Your project aim at very ambitious goals. On the other hand, the idea of mass adoption has been at the forefront of the crypto community for several years now. Is there anything UWIM offers that sets it apart from other projects?

Sam: You are right, today it’s difficult to surprise someone by talking about mass adoption. And yet, if we look a little deeper, we all have to admit that most of the talks like that boiled down to something like a mantra that no longer requires any innovation. In other words, mass adoption has become a kind of brand, and poorly managed brands tend to depreciate.

This is the main distinction of UWIM. In our understanding, mass adoption implies specific technical solutions that, with proper marketing and work with the community, lead to a significant expansion of the boundaries of using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in particular. It is these three components that we focus on.

Q: Sounds pretty ambitious. Let’s take a look at each of these three components separately. Perhaps the product itself is at the forefront, isn’t it?

Sam: Absolutely. And I am pleased to state that our main successes are associated with this area at the moment.

Q: Let’s commence with the main thing – what is UWIM, and why do you call your project “an ecosystem”? It has become quite a buzzword, hasn’t it?

Sam: It’s hard to disagree with that. I’ll start with the first part of the question: UWIM is a blockchain solution that allows you to create personal tokens with outstanding functionality within our platform. Returning to mass adoption focus – our advantage and mission is to make this process as simple and accessible as possible, even for those who have not previously had anything to do with the crypto industry.

The problem that UWIM solves is the following: on the one hand, blockchain can and should have the broadest possible scope of application. Now many are talking about blockchain processes, including elections, information registries – the list goes on. Tokenization is a process that can significantly simplify and improve processes at the end-user level within the expansion of blockchain technology. For example, it is convenient to receive donations in tokens, conduct crowdfunding, etc. I’m not even mentioning the rising interest in NFTs. It is difficult to imagine how many applications blockchain technology can have.

On the other hand, not everyone can create their own token or even immediately figure out what a blockchain is and how it works. UWIM is designed to eliminate the need for the end-user to go through these barriers and to allow users to solve their specific problems without even the minimal immersion in the technical details of how it works.

Q: So, you want to open Pandora’s box and allow any users to issue tokens at their discretion spontaneously?

Sam: Yes, but that’s not entirely true. We have an apparent understanding of how to streamline this process, which is reflected in our developing product. UWIM users don’t just create random tokens. Our platform offers several different formats to suit the different needs of a token creator. If you are a blogger or an artist, the My or Donate standard is for you. If you want to present your idea and attract investors, we have a Startup configuration. Other standards apply to other needs.

We offer ready-made solutions for different tasks of the user where he only has to decide on his goals and launch the new asset in just a few clicks. No code or development is required!

Q: I think I understand. But why do you call your product an ecosystem?

Sam: See, the unique advantage of UWIM is that we tokenize the user’s needs while it’s not required for them to understand any technical aspects. But the token itself without an entire infrastructure is adoption for the sake of adoption, so here we move on to the need to create an ecosystem for support.

Q: And what does it consist of in UWIM?

Sam: Since this is an interview, I cannot go into a long monologue to describe all of the products we have developed. Therefore, I will list just a few: decentralized exchange (DEX), donation platform, IDO launchpad, a venture fund to support community initiatives, and many more initiatives.

In the short term, we will offer a simple solution for platform clients who want to accept payments in UWM (our native token), introduce a transparent rating system for custom tokens. Again, all these options and tools are fully integrated within our platform, so we are ready to work and offer solutions for any kind of user request.

Q: It sounds like a massive versatile system. At what stage is the project now in terms of entering the market, and what tasks does the UWIM team face today?

Sam: At the moment, we continue to actively work on refining the technical part, even though the main elements of the ecosystem have already been successfully built and integrated. We are actively working with investors as our private round continues in parallel with this. IDO is planned for March 2022, details of which we will share soon.

Q: How successful are the negotiations with investors? Are there already any names that you can share?

Sam: To date, our project has already been supported by several significant funds, including Z-Union, Unirock Partners. More than a hundred private investors acquired the allocations. At this stage, the minimum volume of allocation is 12,500 USD. In the next few months, we will continue to negotiate with large investors and process incoming inquiries.

Q: I will not ask you to disclose the number of capital investments, but mathematics suggests that the project has already attracted enough attention from investors. What do you focus on when offering your product to potential partners in terms of positioning and negotiation?

Sam: Look, I see two solid advantages that distinguish UWIM from other projects that are actively attracting investments right now. First, we offer a unique technical solution with tremendous potential for its target audience and the current market conditions. In other words, we have an idea, an understanding of how and for what we are implementing it, and there are practically no competitors.

We already have a finished product which is very rare for projects at the fundraising stage. By the way, this greatly facilitates the process of negotiations with institutions. It is always more reliable for an investor to pick something that can already be viewed—checking how it works rather than just hearing an idea that has yet to be implemented. I will not shy away from the fact that we ourselves are pleased to communicate from positions supported by the concrete results of our work.

Q: Sam, thank you for your time and for speaking so openly about your ideas and products. We wish you and your team the best in the realization of your platform’s potential!