These Dow Stocks Have Huge International Prospects: Intel Corporation (INTC), McDonald’s Corporation (MCD)

Exxon Mobil Corporation (NYSE:XOM), 68% of revenue from international markets
Oil behemoth Exxon has followed the availability of energy resources around the world, tapping into opportunities wherever they can be found. Looking at Exxon’s list of major revenue sources proves that, as the U.K., Canada, Japan, Singapore, and a number of European countries all come in with at least $14 billion in sales, while the company’s catch-all brings in another $122 billion.

Unlike many other mature businesses, though, Exxon’s U.S. revenue has been increasing as new finds at home have reawakened the domestic energy industry. If the U.S. truly does become the biggest energy producer in the decades to come, then Exxon will be in prime position to cash in.

Find growth wherever it is
With the U.S. economy having been sluggish for years even in a nominal recovery, looking abroad has been lucrative for many companies within the Dow. These four stocks have the potential to do extremely well if the global economy picks up steam — even if it ends up leaving the U.S. behind.

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