The Western Union Company (WU), Moneygram International Inc (MGI): A Money Transfer Company Built to Last

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In addition, Western Union currently touts an impressive quarterly dividend, while MoneyGram and Xoom both do not offer this cash incentive to investors.

Although Western Union shares have made impressive gains already in 2013, the stock still has plenty of upside for value-oriented investors. Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI) shares have appreciated due to buyout rumors, while Xoom shares have seen a paltry 12% gain in its life as a public company most likely in part due to Xoom’s first quarterly profit ever reported:

WU Total Return Price Chart

WU Total Return Price data by YCharts

Moneygram International Inc (NYSE:MGI) and Xoom might both be profitable companies but are currently trading at levels exceeding their shares’ fair valuation. Western Union, on the other hand, is priced for further sustainable growth ahead.

Unfortunately for Indian telegram companies, they definitely would not have been good investments this year as new technologies have long left telegrams in the dust. The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU), a former telegram empire, is a company that has successfully navigated our fast-paced global economy for over a century and a half and offers investors a compelling long-term investment choice.

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