The Western Union Company (WU): Judge the Method, not the Outcome

Reflecting on my initial reason for buying the stock, I think the purchase was a mistake. The focus of my investing strategy is on buying businesses that I feel comfortable holding a lifetime. Instead of analyzing that aspect of The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU) back in January, I was simply fixed on my belief that the stock was undervalued. With this pick, I strayed from my investing strategy. Though the outcome was great, I’m not proud of the underlying method I used to make my investment decision.

The ultra long-term approach
I subscribe to the belief that the best way to invest over a lifetime is to follow Warren Buffett’s advice from his 1989 letter to shareholders: “Time is the friend of the wonderful business, the enemy of the mediocre.”

Though The Western Union Company (NYSE:WU) still seems undervalued, it’s not a business I can see myself holding in 10 years. For that reason, I’m out.

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