The Google Inc. (GOOG) Glass Brew-Haha

Then, as reported by The Guardian, there was a Luddite-like tweet recently from David Yee, the chief technology officer of the how-to-write-better website Editorially. That lament: “There’s a young man wearing Google Glasses at this restaurant, which, until just now, used to be my favourite spot.”

Users of Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) products, like Gmail, likely don’t hold the company any more to the highest standards of privacy. I, for one, get a queasy feeling every time I get advertisements in my Gmail’s sidebar triggered by the mail’s content.

David Meinert told me via a Facebook exchange that The 5 Point already has a policy that doesn’t allow taking photos or videotaping, but he will reserve judgement on an iWatch depending on that device’s capabilities.

He also wrote that after posting the Google Glass ban on Facebook, he had the busiest Sunday in a while. “Not sure it was because of all the unexpected publicity … but we definitely haven’t slowed down.”

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