The 26 Best Colleges to Find a Good Husband

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Find a husband on campus before you graduate” is what Susan Patton advised to all the young women attending Princeton University. Susan Patton, herself an alumna of Princeton University from the class of 1977, is in news these days for her controversial letter written to university which was published in University’s Newsletter on March 29th, 2013. This is why it’s important to look at the 26 best colleges to find a good husband, particularly if you often command others: “help me find a college.” We’re here to help.

best colleges to find a good husband

In her open letter to University, she categorically said, “Here’s what nobody is telling you: Find a husband on campus before you graduate,” and in effect, finding the right college in this aspect will help immensely.

She also mentioned in her letter that “Men regularly marry women who are younger, less intelligent, less educated. It’s amazing how forgiving men can be about a woman’s lack of erudition, if she is exceptionally pretty. Smart women can’t (shouldn’t) marry men who aren’t at least their intellectual equal.” She feels that marrying a man who isn’t as smart as you will frustrate you. She also said that if she had daughters, this is what she would have told them, and likely, a list of the best colleges to find a good husband would be helpful in this regard.

The news has created waves in media, especially in the internet community, where people from all across the nation are voicing their opinions and reactions. A segment of women from Princeton University thinks that finding a husband is not the only reason for going to college. Another girl from the same university thinks that, “dating a smarter guy is not a bad idea, but they are too young for getting married at their age,” which is an intriguing idea (She should consider finding a husband by going to one of the best business schools in the World!!).

Keeping that in view, we have ranked the 26 best colleges to find a good husband on the basis of SAT score, multiple salary criteria. More importantly, if you’re listening to Susan Patton’s advice, you no longer have to say those five frustrating words: “help me find a college.”

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