Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Headlines: Real Surprise, Rolling Stock & Sirius XM Radio Inc (SIRI)

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Tesla Stocks Rocket after Earnings Exceed Expectation (MalaysiaSun)
Tesla Stocks Rocket after Earnings Exceed Expectation September 3, 2013 (www.investorideas.com newswire) Elon Musk‘s Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) gave the markets a real surprise on Wednesday, after the electric car manufacturer reported revenue figures well ahead of forecasts.After-hours trading saw shares rise by 14 percent, up to more than 153. Year to date, this is an increase of 300 percent, disappointing the significant proportion of investors shorting the stock.Income was reported at 26.3 million, resulting in a loss of 18.9 million. This is much better than expectations, despite being a loss. Last quar…

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Gets Five-Star Rating: Should Ford Motor Company (F), Other Competitors Worry?

Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Patents Dual Hinged Vertical Doors For The Model X (Pulse2)
Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has received a patent for a dual hinged vehicle door. This door is expected to be used in the Model X crossover vehicle. The set of rear doors are expected to open vertically, which will allow access to the vehicle’s interior. The patent was filed as #8,511,738. Below is the abstract of the patent: “A dual hinged door assembly for a vehicle is provided, the assembly including an upper door portion and a lower door portion. The upper door portion, which may include a window, pivots about a primary axis formed by its juncture with a structural member in the roof…

This Trend Should Worry Sirius XM and Tesla (Fool)
If you’re noticing less gridlock on the open roads, thank a non-driver. We’re not hitting the streets the way we used to according to a recent Volpe National Transportation Systems Center study, and that’s something that could be particularly problematic for Sirius XM Radio Inc (NASDAQ:SIRI) and Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). The study shows that the number of miles driven a month by the average driver peaked at 900 nine summers ago. It had fallen to 820 miles last summer, and the declining trend has continued through the first half of this year.

What’s behind Tesla’s masive stock gains in 2013 (TorqueNews)
The price for Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) briefly touched the $172 level today before a selloff beginning at 2pm Eastern Time erased the days gains. The last few days we’ve looked at whether Tesla’s stock price should be this high, it’s risen over 400% over the last six months, whether investors should be shorting Tesla, and whether Tesla is caught in a hype bubble or is it going to actually be this disruptive to the automotive market. But, how did we get here? Tesla Motors is selling one car, the Tesla Model S. They only have permission to sell it in 30 states, with the other states stonewalling or outright preventing Tesla from selling cars…

Tesla’s Surging 2013: Up 410% (WSJ)
There are companies out there that have had a better year than Tesla Motors TSLA -0.04%, but none of them are worth more than $10 billion. In that club, Tesla is by far the best performer, up 410% this year (the next best in the >$10 billion crowd is Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX), up 286%). …As MoneyBeat’s Steven Russolillo reported in early August, Tesla’s surging stock has started to demoralize the short sellers that have long been betting against the company, looking to reap a reward when the stock begins to fall. Plenty of them have given up, as this chart showing how much of Tesla’s shares are out on loan — a metric of the level of betting against the company:

Top three trades (CNBC)