Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA), Apple Inc. (AAPL): Hyperloops, Twitter, and the Active Art of Slowing Down

Follow, but slow down
I’m a big believer that shareholders should practice active awareness, not passive following. We should choose and track our investments, and do our best to assess information. However, it’s time to note that social media is fast becoming part of the race for information, whether it’s a great thing for us or not. Regardless, it will require adjustment.

Speed doesn’t excuse us from slower analysis. Is management too overstretched or distracted with lofty ideas, some of which may not directly match their companies’ futures? Is a stock having ups and downs because of the opinions of a few activists or even analysts? How should we manage the new stream of information that may increase from social media outlets?

Given all the hype (not to mention hyperlooping) surrounding some stocks these days, maybe the biggest lesson here is that part of being an active investor is not just keeping track of the information, but also counting to 10 and making slow assessments.

When things speed up, sometimes the best course of action is to slow down.

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